Two more typists needed

Three weeks ago, I asked readers of this blog to get in touch if they had any extra time and fingers flexible enough to type articles that appeared in the CMT Newsletter [1984 – 2002] for the next book I am putting together: a compilation of personal stories published in the newsletter during those years. The resulting publication will be for sale on Amazon and a majority of the royalties will go toward CMT research. In a way, the people who wrote to the CMT Newsletter way back will be instrumental in raising money for CMT research now, even though a good number of them have since passed on.

To date, five terrific women living in the United States, Canada, England and Switzerland have volunteered and typed or dictated 100 articles but we’ve only covered six years or one third of the CMT Newsletter’s 18-year run. There are probably another 400 articles to go and, for that, I think we need at least two more people who can commit to typing at least 10 articles a week. Some of the articles are as short as one third of a page and some are two pages long. With two more people typing I think we can get it done by the end of March. After I have all the articles typed it will be up to me to put the book together, which will take some time, but at least the work that I can’t do will be done.

As I go through the newsletters I am very pleased to see that nothing has really changed. The human condition remains the same even though it has been 16 years since the last CMT Newsletter was published. We are still concerned about school, work, love, sex, family, children and everything else that goes along with leading a normal life in spite of CMT.

It really doesn’t matter where you are as long as you are online and use either a Mac or a PC and can type or dictate into your computer. But, it can take time and I wouldn’t advise it for anyone whose hands are affected by CMT unless you are dictating as pushing yourself to type could make your hands weaker.

I have been kept very busy scanning pages of the newsletters for the typists and sending them out as well as promoting CMT and Me: an intimate 75-year journey of love, loss and refusal to surrender to a disabling disease that I’m pleased to say is selling steadily. Interest about the book and about CMT is ramping up. That’s partly why I wrote it: to bring awareness to the fore about our disease. The next book should also increase that awareness and I will have all the avenues to promote it that I find this time around.

We have to keep pounding away people! And I don’t just mean on the keyboard. With three million of us worldwide people should know much more about CMT than they do. Unfortunately, my book gets listed right in there with Country Music Television listings on I’m hoping that someday that won’t happen. But, I am very pleased to say that it is available on for Canadians now and on Amazon channels around the world as well as Kobo, Kindle and iBooks plus many other digital book providers. The book has sold in Canada, the United States, the UK, France and Italy and I know someone who was trying to buy it in India. We are everywhere.

So please, if you have some time to type and can commit will you please get in touch?

Many thanks,



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