For the love of a man who loves Studebakers

Classic car shows are part of my life because I married a Studebaker lover.

When my husband was a young man his dad had Studebakers. Ron bought one of his father’s cars when he was old enough to drive and then several other new Studebakers  after that. He’s always loved them and no matter what kind of cars or vans we buy now, his heart remains with the Studebaker.

Ron and Studebaker

Every year there’s a large classic car show in old downtown St. Catharines. It was last Saturday. The temperature was in the 90s with a humidex of 40C.  Armed with water and wide-brimmed hats, we drive half way up to the show area, park, and walk/roll the rest of the way. I always take my camera.

Viewers reflected in a car body

Cars don’t really grab me. Yes, I like to drive but ogling

A 1934 Fraser Nash peaked my interest

several hundred cars doesn’t really excite me unless they are exceptional. Of the Studebakers, I like the design of the Avanti.  We don’t often see an Avanti here in southwestern Ontario although every few years the Studebaker Club holds a show here and then there are always several.

A bright and interesting detail

The cars may not be something I want to spend time learning about but the designs on them interest me. And sometimes I come across one that I like. Ron seems to like all Studebakers and found three at the show as well as some other vintage makes he seemed to enjoy. Just for fun, here are a few photos I took that day. Remember design and old things are what I enjoy photographing the most.

Rust on a rotrod

The top of an old building on St. Paul Street, St. Catharines, ON

I’d never heard of a rotrod and learned that some people don’t fully restore an old automobile but make it into an art form by bringing out what they like best in the vehicle be it rust and rot or shiny chrome mixed with vintage lettering.

Details on that rotrod make the nicest