A day of rejoicing

This blog is usually written at night when I am tired.  I type with the knuckles of my little fingers. Forgive me if I make mistakes.  I do my best.

I’ve always been a stickler for accuracy and wanting to get things right but I can’t pass every entry I write through other eyes. There just isn’t enough time in the day… or night.

Today I spent three hours with about 150 people, most of them disabled in one way or the other. We were celebrating National Access Awareness Week and giving out our Breaking the Barriers awards.  Wheelchairs, scooters, canes, braces and special skills dogs were everywhere.

Every year the number of exhibitors grows and today there were about 20.

The entire celebration is a kind of oxymoron.  As Niagara becomes more accessible we acknowledge those making the changes but someday we won’t have anything to celebrate. We are working toward the demise of barriers and eventually there will be no more to break. I won’t live to see it but someday we hope that everything will be accessible.  But for now, for something that should be getting smaller as we become more accessible, I’d say we’re growing and celebrating more than ever. The exhibitors are beginning to realize that we need to see what they offer, not just the able-bodied professionals that advise us because the government says we need them to or we can’t get funding and politicians are beginning to see us as voters and constituents instead of a drain on the system.

One of the women there today whispered in my ear, “I’m running for city council”. I wish her well.