How can your expertise and fast fingers help CMT research?

Now that my autobiography, CMT and Me, is finished and online on Amazon for sale, I thought I’d like to go through the CMT Newsletters and pick out the best stories, arrange them in a book and put them up for people to read about others with CMT who coped so beautifully, or not, throughout their lives.

These stories are from people all over the world and they made the newsletters, they gave it a heart. The people who wrote them were candid and open, their stories were sometimes funny and sometimes sad but they touched us in a way that nothing else could because they always came from the heart.

The storytellers had different types of CMT but most didn’t know what type they had at the time because testing simply wasn’t available and it was very rare back then to be tested.

To get this project really moving, I need to know whether any of you are on a Mac computer and have ever found optical character recognition (OCR) software for it, meaning that if I used it, I could scan a page of the newsletter on my Canon scanner and then manipulate the text on my computer so that I don’t have to retype or dictate the articles into my word processing software. The local stationery store sent me some leads for free optical character recognition software but most of it is so technical, it is beyond me. If any of you do use OCR software on a Mac computer could you please get in touch with me?

And, if any of you can type without pain and would like to type some of the stories for the book, I can send scanned pages to you and you can simply put it up on your computer beside a blank Microsoft Word page and just type what you see.  You can then save it and send it to me on email.  Or, if you have speech recognition software built into your Mac or PC, you could use that as the results would be the same. Fifteen of us typing or speaking 20 stories each over the next few months will see the book done in no time

I have already begun this new venture and I would like half of the proceeds to go for CMT research. I don’t know if you know that Amazon takes 60% of the purchase price of a book and there are also taxes to be paid on sales. I’m still not certain how it all works but I will learn as the year goes on and CMT and Me sells.  I’d also like to get it done within a year if we can do it.

This project will bring back the stories of a lot of the people who have since died knowing very little about their CMT. It will also bring back memories to some of the older people, like myself, who still remember the wonderfully personal articles that were in the CMT Newsletter over the 18 years that we published. I think this is worth doing and it’s worth doing well.

I look forward to hearing from any of you who are familiar with optical character recognition software or can volunteer some of your time to type or speak articles. I can no longer type but thanks to speech recognition software, I can speak at least one article a day into my computer. If your computer has the capability, you could do that as well.

I venture to say that there are probably at least 300 or more good stories in those newsletters that could make a difference in the lives of people with CMT, if we can get them out there.  I’m hoping that we can pull together on this.

I don’t think it’s too late to wish you a very happy new year and I look forward to hearing from you.

Until later,


CMT and Me is now available in paperback on, and on Kobo, Kindle,  and iBooks plus many other distribution channels for ebook users.

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  1. Linda, that is a fantastic idea! And will get the info out into the world. At this time I’m having a knee replacement and unable to help but I sure wish you luck on this endeavor. Glenda Barrett…..Hiawassee, Georgia

  2. Hi Linda, I was one of your first reader/subscriber and I’m more than willing to give you a hand at typing some of your articles in the next months.

    I wrote back then an article on CMT and fatigue and in 2014, I co-wrote and co-directed a book on Psychopatholgy that is used in universities (in Quebec and France since it was written en French). Editors also take 60% on every book sold. After years of working on this textbook, my co-director ans I get $1 for each book sold (the books sells for $49). We don’t get rich by writing but it remains one of my passions.

    We have since learned that our family of 12, 7 of us affected have CMT 4C. Dr. Baker from McMaster in Hamilton did the study on our family about 6 years ago with the help of Dr. Bourque here in Ottawa. In my case, balance issues due to a lack of peripheral vision and sensations in my lower body have become my biggest challenge. I keep the same mantra as back then….I don’t let things I can no longer do stop me from doing things that I can still do….😉

    If you need more help with transcript, I could ask one of my newly retired friend to lend us a hand.

    Thank you for everything you’ve done to promote CMT worldwide. You are not forgotten.

    Charlotte Cazabon

    Envoyé de mon iPad


  3. I was told "FineReader Pro for the Mac" was the best there was but I know nothing about it…..    

    Sent: Sunday, January 07, 2018 at 8:10 PM

  4. I don’t have CMT and happy to help you type pages as needed. My laptop is not a Mac but I have the newest Microsoft Office.

  5. I have now bought two of your books and have the one I bought for myself and am giving the other as a gift. I especially appreciate the source information at the end of the book. Thank you for sharing your story. My paternal grandmother’s family was from Canada and she, was the rebel of her family and traveled stateside on occasion, where she met her husband.
    I live in Virginia Beach, VA, and am 70 years old. To this day, doctors (none of them) understand CMT. I am a widow and have little mobility but many requests from children and grandchildren that add mountains of stress. I still haven’t learned “no.” You have been the clearest and often only voice that gave me hope, that I wasn’t crazy. May God’s blessings keep you at peace.

    • Hi Sandra: You are not crazy and thank you for buying my book. I have a thought for you: At our age we can say to ourselves that we’ve done something therefore we can do it again but those who are younger can’t say that so how will they ever learn if we keep doing things for them. The only way they are going to learn is for you to say no. It takes practice, but you can do it. Being all things to all people lets us feel needed and useful but stressing yourself to the nines isn’t the answer. Pick and choose carefully what you say yes to and simply say that you don’t have the time or energy to do the rest and know that by not jumping to fulfill every request, you’re giving the asker an opportunity to learn to do things on their own. Good luck, my friend.

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